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This locks a bike.

This locks a bike.

You may have noticed that we often feature news of new developments in the world of bicycles. Especially interesting are any moves that smooth the coexistence of the automobile and bicycle on our roads or in any way make life safer for both cyclists and motorists. Then of course there’s the health aspect that many of us spend way too much time in our cars and not nearly enough on our bikes if we have one.

If you do have one and you enjoy cycling you’ve probably spent a relatively large sum of money on it and then some, kitting it out with extras, lights etc .So it makes a lot of sense to not only think about motorists and cyclists safety but also the safety of bicycles. Notoriously easy to steal, generally the better ones are quite light to carry. If you live in an apartment in town you may have to lock it up outside at night or when you pop in somewhere you probably lock it to something or simply lock it and prop it against a wall.

While it is possible to get bicycles insured it is always a hassle when something gets stolen so insurance is undoubtably a good idea but wouldn’t it be better if it didn’t get stolen at all? Of course the answer is yes. Locks are a pain and often heavy to tote and generally not difficult to crack if someone sets their mind to it. That’s why this wonderfully creative functional design solution offered by 3 Spanish designers just bowled us over. Not only do they say their bike’s “unstealable” they also seem to have ticked all the boxes when it comes to safety and comfort.

Some of Applegreen’s most committed cyclists, the ones who cycle to Galway every year with the Maynooth students and take part in various other charity cycles throughout the year to the benefit of our charity partners have given this the thumbs up. The sheer ingenuity of the design and the simplicity of execution is impressive.

Another simple solution. Of course in this case you do have to buy the bike to get the lock, but you do save money on the insurance.