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Take a look at this invisible bicycle helmet

Take a look at this invisible bicycle helmet

I guess it was only a matter of time but I have to admit I didn’t see it coming. But then how would I? After all the guy in our picture above is wearing one. Can’t see it ? Well to tell you the truth I looked long and hard and I have to admit it would be a case of the emperor’s clothes syndrome if I said I could see it myself. Anyway it’s there – and the best way to see it is to watch the video.

Of course there are the usual worries about battery life and accidental activation but all in all we thought it was another case of a simple solution for a big problem. The last verified figures show that almost 20,000 people were involved in cycling accidents in 2013. Of those 3,500 were seriously injured with ca. 40% suffering head injuries and trauma. While some critics have pointed out that this particular helmet is too expensive, gimmicky, prone to accidental activation one has to laud the sheer staying power of the two inventors of the helmet who spent seven years researching accidents and testing the product to make sure that it goes off when it should.

There has also been a little backlash to one of the official videos which some critics have accused as being sensational and scaremongering but the tests so far have been extremely positive and it seems the helmet is really there and does the job it should. Watch an independent test video.

We deal with motorists everyday who share the road with cyclists. It’s not difficult to equate that cyclists are the more vulnerable party in the relationship and we welcome any attempt to improve that situation. As always be aware of your fellow road users and stay safe especially with the winter weather upon us.