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On the red carpet at the solar show

On the red carpet at the solar show

You really can’t beat one of mother nature’s free spectaculars for value. It’s like God has a rewards program too. Solar eclipse yeah! And there’s free entry for everybody in the zone, unlimited space. The fact that it’ll be 11 years before this particular show comes to town again makes it rather special. And anyone can go, everybody’s on the red carpet for this premiere so to speak.

I’m presuming at this stage you have a suitable vantage point in mind will be taking all the necessary precautions.

It’s sure to throw up some funny and interesting documentary footage of life with some revealing insights into humanity.
In fact come Friday morning expect a digital barrage of images, selfies, on the spot reports and what have you. Sure you’d wonder sometimes if it was worth getting up and going to an event at all they’re so well documented.
Of course you must see it, but with suitable eyewear. A delicious coffee and pastry and a natural show for breakfast.
Where else would you get it.

PHOTO credit D. Caskill / Royal Astronomical Society