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Partnerships can be so fulfilling and inspiring

Partnerships can be so fulfilling and inspiring

Tomorrow night Fundraising Ireland will host their National Awards event for 2015. In case you are not familiar with the organisation they foster excellence in fundraising, promote best practice and offer training and education and support in the form of networking events and opportunities to fundraisers across the country and have been doing so since 2007.

At Applegreen, fundraising and the work of our Charity Committee is a part of every work-day. Between 2009 and 2013 the fund raised a total of €681,469.31 of which €545,592.79 came directly from the customer’s “1c” contributions The remaining €135,876.52 from donation boxes at the tills and sponsored events. Since the beginning of 2004 a further €191,500 has been raised. Let’s just say that our charity partners are part of our daily thoughts and we deal directly with our chosen partners in a transparent and direct manner.

One cannot be too careful when taking people’s money in fundraising and the charity area has had it’s fair share of problems. This of course makes Fundraising Ireland’s job all the more important. From our side we interact directly with our partners and all the collected money is handed over in a fully transparent manner.

Because I know how hard the Charitable Fund committee work for their partners and mostly outside of work hours, and the fervour and enthusiasm with which charitable fundraising is embraced by Applegreen staff and customers alike, I wish them all the best at the Awards event tomorrow night. Whether or not they win the award I know that the fulfilment and satisfaction every Applegreenie feels when the cheque is handed over to our charity partners is an award in itself, but of course being nominated and being part of such an event is a great honour.

We wish the tireless charitable fund chairman Adrian Giffney and his team all the best, and to all who contributed most especially our daily customers and Applegreen site staff congratulations on receiving the nomination. Our fingers are crossed.