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The best coffee in space served on the Milky way or in a Mars bar

The best coffee in space served on the Milky way or in a Mars bar

I asked the boss if there was any truth in the rumour that he planned to open an Applegreen service station on the Milky Way serving the best coffee in space. I was a little taken aback when he didn’t just wave me away disdainfully as he usually does, but actually smiled.

It was something he had often thought about he said but for now Ireland, UK, and the U.S. were taking up all of his time. Astronauts would have to make do with having access to the best coffee on the road in their own space-station, the Applegreen station might take a little longer.

He told me Lavazza have teamed up with the Italian Space Agency and Italian design company Argotec to install the first espresso machine in space and thereby serve the best coffee in space. Of course Applegreen have been brewing using the 120 year old Turin coffee company’s beans since the Applegreen brand’s inception. if the best coffee in space has already arrived at the International Space Station can it be very long I asked him before we are sipping a cappuccino at an Applegreen Space-way station on the Milky Way? Before we know it will there be bars on Mars? He looked at me with a mixture of amusement and what could have been fleeting pity. For a horrible moment I thought he was going to transfer me to an Applegreen station at he end of the universe. Far from it.

He told me he liked a person with vision. The great thing about space he said as he took off balancing his coffee is that the possibilities are infinite. pic from ISSpresso