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The safety cycle is coming your way how will you get on?

The safety cycle is coming your way how will you get on?

I’ve told you before that Applegreen staff members regularly take to their bikes for charity and fitness combined. It’s not just the time they spend taking part in charity events, there’s a lot of training, running, cycling, in the rain, dedicated and prepared to feel the pain because they believe in their chosen charity and of course they are keeping fit. It’s what we call a win lose situation. The charity wins and the Applegreen employee loses weight.

I couldn’t help but notice a comment by one senior employee recently who was complaining of a bruised bum after a particularly bumpy cycle on one of those dangerous looking racing bike saddles. He tenderly eased into a chair at the new Applegreen Templepatrick Motorway station for a Lavazza and I told him I may have found the answer to all his problems. I told him about the new Babel Bike.

It was easy to see that he was totally sold on the saddle seat, and the fact it is the world’s safest bicycle he didn’t think it would deliver coming down the final stretch. That’s when i told him it was a hybrid. It could also operate electrically.
His eyes lit up but then he remembered it was a two way thing. Riding for a good cause and getting fit. And what would the others say if he showed up with a comfortable looking bike that you plug in. They would never take him seriously again. Still he agreed it really is a beauty. Just the thing for the drive and ride fan. It really is a cool looking machine. I want one.

The coffee at Templepatrick Lavazza looked and tasted super too.