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It never rains in Southern California

It never rains in Southern California

Spring is here and summer can’t be far behind. I’ll repeat that just to be sure. Spring is here and summer can’t be far behind. It’s the kind of phrase that anyone in Ireland can start a conversation with, at any time of the year in any part of the country and be pretty accurate at least as far as the weather is concerned. I’m sure the people at the nation’s weather front have improved their forecasting abilities ten-fold over the past years but the weather itself seems not to take a blind bit of notice. It’s too busy changing, veering Eastwards over the country most likely.

Not that we haven’t had our fair share of summer weather this Spring. Magnificent it was for sure.
The truth is that after a few days of constant sunshine you’re not sure what country you’re in. You could be in Spain or Italy or even Ireland. Everything start’s getting dusty, Vacant lot’s start looking like abandoned spaghetti western sets. It gets kind of tedious after a while.

That’s the reason we don’t really care about the weather in Ireland. It’s a Godsend as an ice breaker when meeting strangers and a great way to converse with acquaintances but would you really want the sun to shine all day every day? I hear a chorus of yesses moving in from the East and slowly spreading over the whole country with mild precipitation.

Would you not miss that amazing primeval verdant moment just after a rain shower when everything is so green and smells so real that the country feels like it’s just been created? Sure you would. When the weather is at it’s most Irish, we get to enjoy those moments five to six times a day. They become integral parts of our daily life. People wait till the shower is over, or leave in a hurry before the shower starts. Motorists will put off having the car washed because it looks like rain. All Irish outdoor events have that wonderful uncertainty factor about them, a ‘weather permitting’ vibe which adds to the excitement. The advantages of ‘soft days’ and ‘dirty auld days’ and ‘sun splitting the rocks’ days are not to be underestimated. Diversity is the fuel of life you could say.

And when your mother tells you to take a coat because it looks like rain it’s because like all Irish people she doesn’t care about the weather but she never takes it for granted.