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We like the way you roll

We like the way you roll

If you are one of those people who use more than one mode of transport during their day (and most people do), this could really improve your options and help save some time. The Dublin City Centre Transport Study may be ready to invest 150 million euro to develop, create, optimise and facilitate walking, cycling and public transport. Apart from being a boon to leisure activities this could also mean benefits for daily commuters. Our customers while obviously predominately motorists most likely use a second mode of transport to get exactly where they need to go as quickly as possible. Drive to the train, walk to the car park, skateboard from the car to the office….. skateboard?

I actually just threw skateboard in there so I could point you towards a most enjoyable and informative article on the arrival of the skateboard in Ireland. When I first followed up on this I wasn’t expecting that there would be a lot to discover but the article is a beauty and the site in general a pearl for anyone interested in reading about sport in the context of history and society. But back to skateboards. The ultimate vehicle for the cool kids on the block has always been the skateboard. My biggest problem with skateboards is the racket they make rumbling along, they’re so noisy. My dog’s ears perk up when a skateboarder starts to roll 3 km away.

The past 4 or 5 years have seen a huge leap forward in the development of small, energy efficient “inbetweenie” vehicles. Some never make it past the funding process. Some do, usually the ones that are surprisingly simple like the Solowheel. Various designs and ideas have been around for years using this take on the traditional circus unicycle but Solowheel seems to have cracked it. The beauty of it is it’s silent, has brakes, and you have two free hands, for an Ipad and an umbrella! It has a top speed of 16KmH, folds up neatly, it’s easy to carry and charge anywhere.

If the thoughts of carrying an umbrella while weaving in and around potholes does’t get a like from you maybe you’re more an Airpod kind of person. Protection from the elements might seem to be the Airpod’s biggest plus but then, you realise it runs on air! Compressed air to be more accurate. Then there’s the perpendicular parking, the sheer greenness of the idea for heavens sake and the price, in or around 10,000 euro. Of course you could dust off the old skateboard. Whatever you roll up in we’ll be delighted to see you.