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Packing your picnic basket carefully pays off

Packing your picnic basket carefully pays off

If you are a seasoned festival goer you will probably have your own list of festival must haves embedded in your subconscious . However if you are a festival newcomer and are looking forward to your first or second festival experience you might need some help. It’s very easy to make the wrong decisions on what to and what not to bring. Wet wipes, toilet paper, energy breakfast bars, bottled water, suitable footwear, a dry pair of trousers and socks for the journey home, some lists are, well, quite extensive. Oh and of course then there is the camping, the general feeling is bring a bigger tent than you need and take care when selecting your camp spot.

It would be easy to ignore all the sage festival advice and simply wing it, fly by the seat of your pants but you know what they say about being unprepared. He who fails to prepare – prepares to fail. This weekend sees Ireland’s hip and beautiful head to the midlands. It’s Electric Picnic time again. Usually it signifies the end of the summer but this year because the summer didn’t even start yet it could well signify the beginning. Whatever the weather the Picnic is long sold out and with acts like Blur and Grace Jones “plus a quite overwhelming number of local and international bands, enough side events to keep the less musically motivated punters happy, spoken word, food, plus a reputation to maintain it’ll be full steam ahead in Laois this weekend.

If you are really an organised experienced festival type of person you will be quickly able to conjure up pictures of where the biggest queues are do a little preemptory shopping and planning to cut down on time wasted, waiting in line for things. A little comfort goes a long long way when you’re wet, cold and partied out.

Remember give yourself plenty of time to get there and to get back. Drive safely and alway take a break if feeling tired. Have a fantastic time. pic: Wikipedia Commons