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No fowl!

No  fowl!

At this time of year a lot of peoples culinary thoughts are fowl thoughts. You don’t hear the word fowl too often any more, probably because when spoken it has an unfortunate similarity to other words. One of which evokes a rotten smell and another which is overused in football stadiums every week, so really there is no point anymore having a collective word for something a lot of people eat which has such clear negative connotations. However when I say fowl over the next weeks it will most definitely be in reference to a turkey, one that was raised by someone who keeps fowl and treats them with the highest respect. So while our thoughts are on the big fowl experience on Christmas Day, in the weeks before Christmas it’s always nice not to overdo the chicken and turkey. But how to avoid it? Some many functions, so many pre Christmas dinners, it’s wonderful to have a little surprise for the loved ones up your sleeve on these grey wet stormy evenings.

A classic Italian dish that every Italian mother has a different take on is Braciole di Manzo or Involtini di Manzo depending on whether you are having it in Italy or Little Italy. Use the best ingredients you can find and you will be rewarded magnificently and don’t be afraid to slow simmer for up to 3 hours for that real in depth taste experience. It adapts perfectly for dinner parties where you can make smaller bundles and serve them as individual snacks or add spaghetti to turn it into a hearty meal.
pic: coutesy of the daring gourmet