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Going the extra mile for charity

Going the extra mile for charity

Going the extra mile for charity!

Applegreen are excited about undertaking another challenge this Saturday 17th September!

The Applegreen food team will be raising much needed funds for ISPCC Childline by completing an endurance challenge “Run 32” starting at 9am on Saturday 17th September from Applegreen Tralee Manor Village and they aim to finish at 3pm Sunday 18th September at Applegreen Birdhill.

The goal is to run 1km in every county in Ireland within a 32 hour period and stopping off at 32 Applegreen Forecourts.

Donate at the link and see below their motivations for doing this challenge.

“After visiting the ISPCC and being a dad of two young children, it was a reality check to what is going on behind closed doors. God knows where these kids would be without the ISPCC “ Aaron Duggan, Applegreen Head of Food.

“I think this is a great way for our team to raise much needed funds for a worthwhile cause. After visiting the ISPCC offices a few weeks ago, it showed the great work they do and made this event even more valuable when you see where the money raised goes to. They do a fantastic job and it is great that we can do our little bit to help” Mark Ryan, Applegreen Subway Area Manager.

‘’For me, the run will be the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken. I’d consider myself quite a sporty person however the only running I’ve done, is running out of breath. It’s a mammoth task but something that I’ll be driven to complete because of the charity aspect.
As a 21 year old with 4 younger siblings the visit to the ISPCC/Childline head office really put the cause in perspective for me. I know the funds that I’m raising are being put to good use to ensure this vital service is available 24/7 to all kids in their hour of need’’ Sean Naughton, Applegreen Coffee Quality & Training

‘“Reason I’m participating in this challenge is because giving is a good thing to do and I believe in the value of giving. ‘’Do good things and good things will come your way’’ I feel proud of my team that we are all involved and knowing that we will make difference for children who need it most, this really motivates me” Ina Kozlova, Applegreen Coffee, Lavazza & Costa Coffee Operations Manager.


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