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Barnardos - Thank You Applegreen Customers & Staff

Barnardos - Thank You Applegreen Customers & Staff

Within the project I work, we were delighted to see a number of children move on from our service last month to attend mainstream school, starting this September. These children came to our service experiencing a lot of challenges. Challenges that ranged from being without a consistent home, a consistent parent and having a home situation that was under the threat of violence. All before the age of five.

From working with them and their parents daily, these children are now able to participate in a group, say what they need, listen to their friends, show empathy and understanding towards their friends and successfully resolve problems in social settings. We have also been able to support these children with their physical and nutritional development as well as their language and literacy, enabling them to join mainstream school and thrive alongside other children their age. By working closely with their parents they too understand and can support their children in a way that promotes their development, ensuring that this great progress continues.

Thank you again for your incredible efforts to fundraise and promote our work to ensure more children experiencing difficulty, at such a young age, can receive the support they need now to ensure these challenges do not impact on the rest of their lives.

All children deserve the right to be a child, to be happy, to be cared for and to thrive and with thanks to your support every day you are helping to make real and lasting changes to young children when they need it most.”

Emma Jane Nulty,Barnardos Early Years Programme
Barnardos Dublin Project Centre