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ISPCC Childline - Thank You Applegreen Customers & Staff

ISPCC Childline - Thank You Applegreen Customers & Staff

Applegreen have facilitated 31 volunteers attending their allocated Childline shift in Childline on a weekly basis

These 31 volunteers have answered 24,521 calls from children and young people all over Ireland who may not have received a service without Applegreen’s support.

Applegreen has also facilitated ISPCC in providing 105 One to One individualised support and guidance sessions to these volunteers to ensure that they are prepared and ready to deal with whatever calls come through to the service as well as holding 21 group case discussion meetings with volunteers so that Childline can provide the best possible service to those children who call the service on a regular basis.

As a result of these group discussions these regular callers now have an agreed Individual Programme Plan developed to meet their identified needs which will be delivered consistently across all Childline units in the country.

With Applegreen’s Support, ISPCC has also facilitated two team meetings with Childline volunteers so that the Volunteers are aware of broader ISPCC activities and the support that is being provided by Applegreen”

Thank You Applegreen Customers & Staff Update on your support of ISPCC Childline September 2016

Gill Waters, Head of Fundraising ISPCC