Charitable Fund

Every time you make a shop and fuel or a shop-only purchase, 1 cent of the purchase total will be donated to the Applegreen charitable fund which was founded in December 2009. There is no need to request the donation to be added to the receipt, it will be done automatically with no additional cost to you. The fund has become a big part of Applegreen staff life with the company’s one cent per transaction being further boosted by ongoing fund-raising activities and events organised by staff in all areas of the company.


donated since the start of 2014

From 2009 - 2013 the fund has raised a total of €681,469.31 of which €545,592.79 came directly from the 1c contributions, and the remaining €135,876.52 from donation boxes at the tills and sponsored events.

Fund recipients 2014/2015

The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation

To achieve success in any business requires planning, hard work and a commitment to excellence at every step along the way. Applegreen have marked their 21st year in business by doing something truly fantastic that showcases these skills and have chosen to support the children who travel daily from every part of Ireland to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

The funds raised by Applegreen staff and customers will have an immediate impact across the hospital for children and their families they will never know but this impact will be long-lasting. We are truly thankful to be named as Applegreen’s partner for 2014/15 and look forward to working with every single staff member and their customers from within those very communities that our children attend.

Joe Quinsey
Chief Executive

About the project

The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation (CMRF), a wholly independent charity, is the principal fundraising body for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin as well as the National Children’s Research Centre and is dedicated to working to improve the quality of life for this and future generations of sick children.

CMRF play a key role in supporting the hospital to deliver state of the art facilities; equipment, infrastructure, leisure and entertainment devices for the children, accommodation for families and other special requirements and needs. In addition they fund vital paediatric research and have been able to establish the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC), a world class facility which provides high-tech laboratory facilities for investigation into the causes and treatments of childhood disease.

In 2012 the hospital had 34,699 emergency attendances, 17,501 day cases, 10,278 inpatient admissions and performed 10,151 surgical procedures. There is an urgent need to improve our patient facilities and the working environment to meet the care needs of these vulnerable children and to do that we’re refurbishing our outpatients unit. An outpatient is a patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment. Treatment provided in this fashion is called ambulatory care. Sometimes surgery is performed without the need for a formal hospital admission or an overnight stay. This is called outpatient surgery.

Outpatient surgery has many benefits, including reducing the amount of medication prescribed and using the physician’s or surgeon’s time more efficiently. More procedures are now being performed in a surgeon’s office, termed office-based surgery, rather than in a hospital-based operating room. Outpatient surgery is suited best for healthy patients undergoing minor or intermediate procedures (limited urologic, ophthalmologic, or ear, nose, and throat procedures and procedures involving the extremities).

Support from Applegreen and its customers during 2014/15 will allow CMRF to renovate the current Outpatients facility at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and provide the thousands of children from all over Ireland the very best facilities we can.

Learn more about CMRF

Anam Cara

Being awarded Applegreen’s charity partner for 2014/2015, is just fantastic and a major endorsement of Anam Cara from one of Ireland’s most successful retail companies.

On behalf of Anam Cara, we are really looking forward to working with Applegreen’s staff and customers, who will help us reach out to the many bereaved parents in our community who have not had any support or information since the tragic death of their child.

Working with Applegreen we will significantly help Anam Cara to take a huge step towards achieving our vision that Every family, throughout Ireland will have access to the relevant support they need after the death of their son or daughter.

Sharon Vard

About the project

Anam Cara was founded in 2008, by a group of bereaved parents who recognised the lack of support services available for families in Ireland, who have experienced the death of a child. In particular the lack of support for families whose son or daughter died suddenly outside a hospital or hospice system. The reality for them is that they often find themselves outside the realms of any bereavement services, struggling to cope with the huge loss in their lives.

It is every parents worst nightmare, and sadly every year throughout the 32 counties over 2,500 families experience the death of a son or daughter between the age of 0 – 44years (CSO Statistics)

Research will confirm Parental Bereavement differs hugely from other bereavements. The grief of a Mum or Dad continues far longer than society recognises. The intensity of their grief may bring about risk factors to their emotional and physical health and there are other stressors that are not commonly associated with other bereavements. This makes bereaved parents one of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Anam Cara provides a lifeline to bereaved parents through our online and face to face bereavement services.

The Anam Cara Support groups are facilitated by Anam Cara Volunteers, who are bereaved parents and will reach a helping hand out to new parents attending parent evenings.

The uniqueness of Anam Cara is we provide peer support with appropriate professional intervention. Each Anam Cara group is co-facilitated by an Anam Cara’s professional whom parents can talk to if they have any concerns about how they are coping with their grief or worried about another family member.

To date Anam Cara has supported over 5,500 parents in Ireland, this support is provided regardless of the age of their child or circumstances of their death.

In 2013 Anam Cara provided 3,700 support hours through the 80 events we facilitated throughout the four provinces. In 2014 we would like to increase these support hours within each of the provinces.

Receiving no state funding, Anam Cara is honoured that Applegreen recognises and values the impact Anam Cara is making for bereaved parents in Ireland.

As all Anam Cara services are provided free of charge, we are delighted that our partnership will help us raise awareness and the funds we need to continue our organisation’s growth and development in Ireland.

Learn more about Anam Cara


The Applegreen Charitable Fund committee is composed of employees ultimately responsible for running the fund.

Adrian Giffney Head of Charity

Olwyn Horan Marketing/Vice Chairman

Karl Fitzgerald Secretary

Kiera Hernon Treasurer

Mantas Ambraziejus Fundraising coordinator/Event planner