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Petrogas Group US INC.
797 Old Country Road
New York 11803

Trevor Moore – Vice President of Retail Operations

Tel: 347-909-0738

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About Applegreen

Petrogas Group US INC T/A Applegreen is a 100% owned subsidiary of Applegreen plc, a publicly quoted company listed on the Irish and UK stock markets. From an operational base of 64 sites at the end of 2009, the Group has grown to 152 sites as of 31 December 2014, across the Republic of Ireland (96 sites), United Kingdom (54 sites) and in Long Island, United States (4 sites). Applegreen now offers retail concession stores at its US service stations on Long Island featuring a quality selection of food and beverage items, automotive accessories and supplies. Applegreen operates a distinctive retail led business model which is built around the following key features:

  • “Low Fuel Prices, Always.” price promise – The Group aims to offer the lowest fuel prices in each locality in which it operates, which drives footfall to its retail, food and beverage offerings;
  • “Better Value Always” in shop – The Group’s retail proposition aims to provide strong value to its customers particularly through its ‘Better Value Always’ offers. In the Republic of Ireland this is supported by its own distribution centre; and
  • Quality food and beverage offering – The Group aims to provide a premium food and hot beverage offering at all its outlets. This is delivered through both Applegreen own brand café, The Bakewell combined in a number of locations with international brands such as Subway, Costa Coffee, Burger King and more recently Greggs and Chopstix.

Applegreen retail presence in the US will indeed encompass the “Low Fuel Prices, Always.” and “Better Value Always” commitment in the shop for its customers to ensure it’s most competitive in its locality. There will be a number of new initiatives introduced from our experience in Ireland and United Kingdom which we believe will be positively received by our US customers.