fuelgood PowerPlus FAQ’s

What is fuelgood PowerPlus and what is the difference to our fuelgood base fuel?

Our regular fuelgood base fuel is a high quality additised fuel. We provide this to customers at no extra cost. The difference between our fuelgood base fuel and our fuelgood PowerPlus fuel is we add a higher concentration of our highly functional additive. This leads to increased benefits for you and your vehicle.

What are the benefits of fuelgood PowerPlus?

  1. Better performance.
  2. Restores and enhances your car engine’s efficiency so it can run “like new”.
  3. Actively cleans up your engine and reduces deposit build up which reduces friction in unleaded engines. This means you can get more kilometres for your fill.

Fuelgood can save me up to 4c a litre yet fuelgood PowerPlus is being charged at a premium, why?

Fuelgood PowerPlus is a premium fuel with higher concentrations of our multifunctional additive, giving greater benefits, restoring power and performance to your engine so it runs ‘like new’.

Are fuelgood PowerPlus products better for the environment?

Yes, fuelgood PowerPlus products contain additives which allow the engine to perform better therefore decreasing the chance of incomplete combustion therefore reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions.

How are fuelgood PowerPlus products tested?

Our fuelgood PowerPlus products (both diesel and unleaded) are tested against standard EN 228/EN590.

Who tests the fuelgood PowerPlus products?

We used an independent third party supplier, one of the world’s leading chemical companies to ensure we could deliver a superior quality product to our customers.

Why have you launched fuelgood PowerPlus?

We have launched fuelgood PowerPlus to offer a premium choice of fuel to our customers. It is completely up to the customer if they wish to use this premium fuel for the stated benefits above. Our fuelgood base fuel is still available across all our sites at no extra cost to our customers honouring our commitment to give the customer the very best for their vehicle.

Where is fuelgood PowerPlus fuel available?

Our fuelgood PowerPlus fuel is available on a number of sites throughout our estate in the Republic of Ireland and more will be added over the next few weeks. A list of these sites can be found here.