fuelgood unleaded


fuelgood unleaded contains a fully synthetic multifunctional additive package which features deposit control, protection against corrosion and friction reduction which in turn supports reduction in fuel consumption.

The multipurpose gasoline additive package is based on a unique polyisobutene amine detergent which is combined with synthetic carrier fluids.

This additive efficiently controls and removes vehicle intake system deposits.

Furthermore, the fully synthetic composition of the additive helps to control the formation of combustion chamber deposits.

The additive contains a very effective friction modifier, which reduces friction in the engine and helps to further reduce fuel consumption.

Environmental Facts

In fuelgood Unleaded 5% Bioethanol is added which reduces CO2 emissions. fuelgood products contain additives which allow the engine to perform better therefore decreasing the chance of incomplete combustion therefore reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions.

Note – Fuel consumption reduction with fuelgood fuel may vary depending on the engine and driving conditions.

Properties Typical Value Unit Analysis Method
Density 720 – 772 g/l EN ISO 3675
Vapour pressure, summer 69 – 3 KPa EN 13016 – 1
Vapour pressure, winter 100 KPa EN 13016 – 1
Sulphur Content max 8.4 ppm EN ISO 13032
Benzene content max 1,00 % – vol EN 238
Octane number RON min 95 EN ISO 5164