Great beans make great coffee

Great beans make great coffee

The best coffee on the road begins with great beans and a great shot of espresso. We know if we want to provide consistently great coffee we have to freshly grind great beans for every cup. We don’t pre-grind beans or pre-make your coffee.

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The low cost way to fuel your business

The low cost way to fuel your business

Our LowFuelcard is a convenient and safe way for you and your business to pay for your fuel. We’re the most competitive fuel card on the market with no card fees or hidden charges.

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Applegreen Dealer Partnership

Applegreen Dealer Partnership

We have superb experience at delivering “low fuel prices, always”. Join the Award winning team and let us take the hassle out of fuel ordering, pricing and delivery!

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Applegreen Rewards

Applegreen Rewards

Simply ‘swap’ the points you collect with purchases made in Applegreen stores for a range of experiences, offers and treats. With Applegreen you’re always in the driver’s seat.

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Charitable Fund

Donations to date since start of 2018:

Republic of Ireland


Staff volunteer hours


Charitable Fund beneficiaries 2018/19

Fund recipients 2018/19: Focus Ireland, Irish Youth Foundation, DEBRA Ireland, Food Cloud

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Go On, Grow It Yourself!

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can seem utterly overwhelming. Our grandparents did it, so why can’t we? It’s actually much simpler than it sounds. All you need is a little time, a water source and a few square feet of the great outdoors. Grow It Yourself Ireland is a global movement of people who grow their own food.

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