Braeburn is Applegreen’s premium coffee brand that offers customers the best coffee experience on the road. This delicious coffee on-the-go never compromises on quality or taste and always delivers quality customer service to give you our best, so that you can be at your best. Braeburn makes stopping off for a coffee on the road a truly first-class experience as we’re the first roadside retailer in Ireland to offer self-serve iced coffee on the go, along with dairy & non-dairy milk options.

You can be your own barista at Braeburn!

Our coffee is 100% high grade Rain Forest Alliance certified

Notes of sweet citrus fruits, creamy chocolate, and rich butterscotch

The ultimate ice coffee experience with unique cold textured milk

When on the go choose between Oat or Dairy milk for your beverage

Our silky chocolate is 100% cocoa horizons certified

Braeburn Cafe

Braeburn Cafe Drive-Thru

We are delighted to bring you the next-level Braeburn coffee experience with the opening of our new cafe drive-thru in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Immerse yourself in the world of Braeburn and treat yourself to our decadent delights and gourmet food offering. Our expertise, craftsmanship and innovation in coffee and beverages is brought to life, offering an extensive menu which is exclusive to the cafe.

Whether you’re driving through or taking a moment in the cafe, we look forward to welcoming you.

Located in Applegreen stores nationwide, Braeburns premium coffee experience is just around the corner!

Braeburn Locations