Coach Gold Club – FAQs

Customer FAQs

What will happen my old card?

If your old card is registered it will continue to work until the 1st April 2020. However, thereafter the old cards will cease to work. Therefore, to avail of our new improved incentive you must visit that you’re an existing customer and enter your 16- digit card number. Old cards won’t record passenger numbers and thus you won’t be subject to receiving the reward.

Who can join the gold club?

Those involved in the ferrying of passengers in a professional capacity. This explicitly includes coach drivers and tour guides. Only when accompanied by passengers and travelling in a professional capacity can you avail of the meal and associated rewards. Those found to be abusing the scheme will have their card revoked. We endeavour to reward our valued and loyal drivers/guides, those abusing the system take away from the rewards we can give our valued members.

What conditions do I have to meet to avail of the program?

To avail of the offer the driver must be accompanied by a minimum of 15 passengers. A coach host/tour guide can also avail of the offer when there’s a minimum of 20 passengers.

We believe our team on the front-line are best placed to deal with checking passenger numbers. Our teams have been briefed to check for passengers, we accept that in our busy environments that these checks are sometimes not easy or perfect, but we do appreciate your cooperation in this respect.

How do I apply for the new program?

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Coach driver gold club”
  3. Fill out the online form
  4. Your card will be posted

How do I avail of the free coach driver meal?

  1. Visit a cashier in the Applegreen Store
  2. Present your gold card
  3. The cashier will verify and register passenger numbers
  4. Receive voucher from cashier
  5. Surrender the voucher with your card at any of our food partners to avail of the free meal

How do I receive my gift card?

Passenger numbers will be tallied on a monthly basis. Once a driver reaches 500 passengers a €50 gift-card will be sent to their most frequently visited site. A manager from the site will get in contact to arrange collection of the gift card. Please note that passenger checks are subject to audit and abuse of the scheme will be considered fraudulent usage, resulting in membership being revoked. If you have any queries, please contact

What if my card isn’t working?

Please contact the supervisor on duty if your card isn’t being accepted. We always endeavour to do our best in facilitating a meal for our drivers when travelling with passengers in a professional capacity. Please contact with any issues.

Can I get this offer at any site?

To see the list of participating sites please visit and click the “Participating sites” link.

Are there any exclusions?

Whilst we endeavour to give our coach drivers as much as possible, certain restrictions apply. Cigarettes, lotto………. Are not included in the €10 coach driver discount.

*Any card suspected of abusing the incentive will be suspended at Applegreens’ discretion. We’ve improved our offering for coach drivers as we value your custom. We always endeavour to meet your needs however, those abusing the system make it more difficult for us to serve our loyal and valued drivers with super rewards.