fuelgood FAQs

What is fuelgood?

fuelgood is our most advanced fuel ever, at no extra cost and now as standard across all our forecourts. In simple terms, with fuelgood we’ve improved our Unleaded and Diesel base fuel products with an additive without passing on an cost to our customers. So you benefit from and enhanced product that delivers you better value, is better for your car and better for the environment.

What are the benefits of fuelgood fuel?

The benefits of fuelgood diesel and fuelgood unleaded are

  • Better for your pocket – Save up to 4c a litre (more kilometres per litre equals more savings)
  • Better for your engine – Cleans your engine so it can perform better
  • Better for the environment – Reduce harmful emissions so it is better for the environment

How are fuelgood products tested?

Both our Unleaded and our Diesel fuelgood products are tested against EU standard non-additised fuels. fuelgood products can save up to 4c a litre, more kilometres per litre equals more savings.

Who tests the fuelgood products?

We are working with a leading fuel laboratory in Germany specialising in fuel testing. All fuelgood fuel products are rigorously tested to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

Why have you launched this new product?

To affirm our commitment to give you the very best at the very best prices, always. Better for the environment, your car and your pocket… quite simply, it’s better all round.

What was wrong with the original fuel?

Absolutely nothing, we’re just making improvements. The fuel is the same, just with a new additive to deliver an enhanced product. As a proud Irish brand, Applegreen strives to constantly improve our offering to our customers in Ireland and deliver on our low fuel prices, always, promise.

Do you still sell the old fuel?

Our base fuel hasn’t changed, we’ve just made it even better! All our fuel products are now fuelgood Unleaded and fuelgood Diesel – as standard at every pump, in Applegreen forecourts nationwide.

Why use additives?

Using additives with our base fuel enables us to give our customers more kilometres per litre which in turn equals more savings. As well as delivering savings, it also improves your engine while reducing harmful emissions.

Will your fuelgood products really save me up to 4c per litre?

Yes. The three key benefits have been backed up and tested by a specialist fuel laboratory which have found that additives in the fuelgood unleaded and diesel products contribute to more kilometres per litre of fuel which equals a verified saving of up to 4c per litre for our customers.

Are fuelgood products better for the environment?

Yes. fuelgood products contain additives which allow the engine to perform better therefore decreasing the chance of incomplete combustion therefore reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions.

Are fuelgood products going to cost me more?

No. Delivering on our Low fuel prices, always, price promise is important. This product will deliver our most advanced fuel ever, at no extra cost to our customers.

Is fuelgood available in all Applegreen sites?

Our fuelgood products are available in all Applegreen stores across the Republic of Ireland – you can view the list of participating sites here.