fuelgood PowerPlus diesel



fuelgood PowerPlus diesel includes a higher concentration of a deposit control additive which actively cleans up your engine and enhances performance in all types of diesel engines. It contains deposit control technology approved by fuel experts. The additive is a multifunctional substance that is used to notably improve the quality of diesel fuel. Regular use of fuelgood PowerPlus diesel restores, maintains and enhances engine performance, helping your car to run “like new”. At the recommended dosage it provides diesel fuel with the following performance features:

  • More enhanced engine performance than standard unadditised fuels
  • Rapid removal / prevention of injector deposits in modern direct injection (DI) and indirect injection (IDI) engines, to maintain full engine power
  • Improvement of fuel stability (oxidation stability)
  • Strong protection of the fuel system against corrosion
  • Strong reduction of the foaming tendency of the diesel fuel
  • Good water separability which ensures better quality fuel

Environmental Facts

fuelgood PowerPlus products contain additives which allow the engine to perform “as new” for a longer time.  This decreases the chance of improper combustion, reducing the risk of increasing HC, CO and NOx emissions and any existing deposits derived from other fuels, will be removed. fuelgood PLUS diesel also contains biodiesel to meet European sustainability requirements.

Typical Analysis

Properties Typical Value Unit Analysis Method
Density max .845 g/l EN ISO 3675
95% distilled max .360 °C EN ISO 3405
Flash Point min 60 °C EN ISO 2719
Viscosity at 40°C 2 – 4.5 mm2/s EN ISO 3104
Sulphur Content max 10 ppm EN ISO 20846
Summer (16/3-15/1) max -5 °C
Winter (16/11-15/3) max -15 °C
Cetane number min 51 EN ISO 5156
Water content max 200 ppm EN ISO 12937