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Customer Registration

Unsure how to sign up to Applegreen Rewards as a new customer? This short video will take you through the process step by step.

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Forgotten the password for your Rewards account? No need to worry, this video will show you step by step how to regain access to your account.


1What in-store rewards can I redeem?

Coffee Club - Buy 9 Get 1 Free

Car Wash Club - Buy 4 Get 1 Free

In store offers are updated regularly and are exclusive to rewards customers on popular and new products.

2Does the app work in all Applegreen locations (Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK)?

The rewards app is for our Republic of Ireland location only. We hope to roll out to other regions in time.

3Who do I contact with any app related issues?

4Can I track my progress in the app and see how close I am to my next reward?

Yes. You will be able to log into your account and see your progress at any time, so that you know when your next reward is coming!

5Where can I find the promotions currently running at Applegreen.

All offers are in the star tab in app.

6How do I find my nearest Applegreen Store?

You can select whichever store you wish to visit from using the store locator function within the app.

7How does Applegreen protect my personal information and privacy?

We take customer privacy and data protection very seriously. You can read our privacy policy here;

8I have a question that is not answered here, how can I find the answer?

If you have a comment / question that is not answered in our FAQs, just contact

For any rewards related queries please contact

The Applegreen Gift Card

Coach Gold Club